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“First, your webinar sessions have been to date, sensational! The information you have put together have helped me organize and use new strategies for my business making management and growth easier. I kid you not, I sleep more soundly now, since I’ve started implementing the changes!!

Extremely Happy! So Thank you!”

Robert Ferreira
Krav Maga Toronto Fight & Fitness Academy

“There are few personal or professional activities in life that allow you to touch the lives of many people. However, through the Licensing Program of Krav Maga Worldwide, we have touched (and continuously do so) the lives of many people, causing a direct, immediate and permanent impact in them.

Beyond allowing us to teach self defense through a practical and effective program taught by world class instructors, we are certainly privileged to build our members, physically and mentally, while teaching them to defend themselves, and at the same time, we are having fun doing it.

There is no greater satisfaction to us than to see the transformation of our shy and insecure members, to see them become more outgoing and confident individuals, and especially to see the gratitude and pride in the eyes of parents after their children have trained with us for a few months.

Few things are as good as the training that our instructors receive from Krav Maga Worldwide. One of them is the team that integrates the licensing division (if you do not know Karla, make sure to do so; her enthusiasm is contagious).

We truly believe that if anything defines the licensing team and its staff of Krav Maga Worldwide, it is its exceptional level of commitment. We continuously share the story of an instructor, Kelly Campbell, who, after teaching for four hours, uses her lunchtime to teach footwork on the carpet of her office. We also share the story of Karla, who called us midnight on her day off to ensure that her instructors had arrived safely at the airport.

We love what we do, that’s for sure, but we could not even imagine doing what we do if we were not representing Krav Maga Worldwide in Mexico. If we were not representing this company, we would opt not to represent any other company at all.

So deep is the respect and affection that what we feel for the entire Krav Maga Worldwide team.

We are deeply grateful and honored to represent such a wonderful team.”

The Team of Krav Maga Veracruz

“Training under the best, most inspirational practitioners was incredible! Absolutely everyone is so passionate about helping people stay safe and spreading Krav Maga that being here was just great.” – Vernon Mollette

“This is one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken, so glad to have been a part of such world class instruction.” – Monica Stice

“This course exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough about the Instinctive techniques; it makes it easier to learn than other martial arts” – Robert Nicklo

“These techniques are very effective, I’ve used them as a police officer and they work!” – Levi Hart

“My instructors told me it would be physically intense and that the instructors would be amazing. I had pretty high expectations and reality was even better.” – Robert Palm

“Above and beyond what I anticipated! Great experience. I thought of it as more of a test, I didn’t know how amazing the learning and teaching aspect would be.” – Daniel Franklin

“After years of martial arts training, with some good people and some not so good…I was absolutely hooked and fell in love with Krav Maga Worldwide and their Instructors! From personal experience, Krav Maga Worldwide has not only offered me and my Instructors the best Instruction we have trained with but they have a phenomenal team and staff that offer support, guidance, advice and most of all a family environment with one goal in mind. To spread Imi’s dream of world peace through real Krav Maga training.

Having trained extensively with some of the best such as Kelly Campbell, Darren Levine, Jon Pascal, Amir Perets and Michael Margolin to name just a few, has given me and my organization exposure to the highest quality Krav Maga training worldwide, more than 30+ highly trained Krav Maga professionals, Law Enforcement and Military Instructors as well as exceptional business systems and mentors! I am incredibly happy and proud to stand side by side with Krav Maga Worldwide in this never ending goal Imi wanted to give the world through Krav Maga, “So that one may walk in peace”.”

Robert Ferreira
Krav Maga Toronto Fight & Fitness Academy