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KravMaga.com has been ranked #1 on search engines for the term “Krav Maga” as well as other related terms for many years. Our newly redesigned website continues to gain a record numbers of visitors, hits and pageviews from our target market. On any given day our homepage can accumulate upwards of 2000 views. As a business owner, you know the importance of location and real estate but you may not realize the importance of location on the internet. With a keyword search and a few clicks, your new members will quickly find you on our interactive worldwide map, our search-engine-friendly static pages or through our built-in zip code / postal code search field.

Our proprietary location software on Kravmaga.com captures visitor opt-in leads from around the world, analyzes the data and, based on zip/postal code, instantly sends those leads right to your email address.

Krav Maga Worldwide Web-to-leads

The opt-in form sits conspicuously in the sidebar column on nearly every page at KravMaga.com – Google’s #1 Search Engine Ranked website for the search term “Krav Maga” 10 years running. And since we attract over 2000 unique visitors each day, that are highly engaged Krav Maga fans, the odds of your membership increasing, by simply being listed with us, greatly increases!

Become a licensee now and starting reaping the benefits of our hard earned internet presence.