Curriculum & Daily Lesson Plans

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With over 100 years of combined Krav Maga, law enforcement, combat and professional fighting experience, the top Krav Maga Worldwide™ Instructors regularly meet to make improvements, and carefully develop the official Krav Maga Worldwide curriculum. The curriculum is then deployed throughout our network of Instructors, Licensees, Courses, and Training Centers worldwide…and now, the curriculum is also launched in the form of online daily lesson plans.

The daily lesson plans are posted in two ways; A private, instructor-only version, and a public student version.

1st, it’s posted in the private Instructor area of along with explanations, tips, drills and videos, allowing you and your instructors to prepare for classes in advance. The second, student version, is posted daily through our official Curriculum widget.  The widget, is a small web application that contains the daily lesson plans, a news tab and a video tab.

Adding this widget to your website has many benefits:

• The daily lesson plans show up automatically, so there’s no additional work for you.

• Also, since the widget is dynamic and updated daily, you’re able to give your current and potential students another reason to visit your site each day. More visits equals better search engine ranking. And a better search engine presence can increase your membership sales.

• Show off your affiliation — You’re officially part of a network and a larger organization. Displaying this can add value and credibility to your website, your Krav Maga program, and your training center. It can differentiate you and your school from all the others.

• The widget is available in any size and color and can be customized with your logo. You can embed the widget anywhere on your website site.



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